Ads are good if they are under the limit. However, some websites don’t seem to get the memo. I’ve visited tons and tons of websites that are just clogged with ads. In this article, I’ve curated the best ad-blocker for android users :

10Adway ( for Rooted Smartphones )

This app allows you to surf the internet or even use any Android app without having to deal with any of that crappy advertisement. It’s an open source project for android and works by using hosts files for blocking ads. This means, if an ad makes a request for showing the ad, it will default to the local host.

  • You can select your own host file
  • Works on Rooted Smartphones
  • You can add specific apps and websites to your blocklist.

9AdBlock Plus & Browser – No Root

Quite like Adway, this one is also an open source project for Android devices. It blocks ads system-wide and can block all kind of advertisements like banners, popups, and even tracers. It can also block malware based advertisements ( the harmful ads often showed by free music download sites ).

If you don’t have a favorite browser, then you should the Adblock plus browser. This browser was designed specifically to block ads on websites.

  • Dual blocking options: browser-based or system-wide
  • Not harmful ads are not blocked
  • Free and Open Source Application

8Adguard : Best Ad-Blocker for Android ( Paid )

This adblocker app for Android is known to be one of the most powerful apps in this list because of its remarkable protection and filtration. It also prevents you from all sorts of phishing and online tracking. This leads to websites loading fasts, your data is not consumed fast, and your phone is protected against threats.

  • Protection against malware and phishing
  • Doesn’t ask for root permissions
  • Paid version can also block ads in apps.

7Block This

This one is also an open source project and works on the DNS blocking method. It’s a free adblocker app for Android smartphones. The app can block all sorts of in-app and browser advertising with ease. No matter if the ad is video, image or audio, it will be blocked instantly.

  • VPN and DNS based ad blocker for android which cares for your privacy as well
  • No need of a rooted smartphone
  • Can bypass inaccessible pages

6AdClear By Seven

Adler is one of the leading and very reliable ad blockers for nonrooted android smartphone which is free of charge. The app can even block youtube ads or any sort of intrusive or encrypted ad shown in-app or in the website.

  • Works flawlessly on nonrooted android smartphones
  • Free ad blocker and works without hassle
  • But shares user info with partners.


If it isn’t clear from the name yet, the app uses DNS to block advertisements. You can also add your own DNS servers for increased privacy. The app works by creating local VPN and all DNS traffic is diverted to that. Which is very effective for blocking ads.

  • Provides a list of hosts that you can use easily
  • No need of a rooted phone

4Disconnect Pro for Android

This one is a premium tool for Android which gives you a strong hold over your privacy as well as blocks ad that drain your smartphone’s data and battery. Since it works system-wide, it blocks ad whether they’re in an app or in the browser.

  • Offer VPNS Service
  • Protects Privacy of the user
  • Pricing Starts at $40
  • A bunch of features is targeted at Samsung users.

3Cygery AdSkip for YouTube

The developer made it very clear to understand what the app does. When you’re watching an add and some ad popups, it will automatically click on the skip ad button when it appears. Not so much to offer by this app, but is pretty cool.

  • NO need of a rooted phone
  • You need to provide it accessibility access so it can detect ads
  • Designed to skip youtube ads without you manually doing it


This app is a bit different from some apps listed on the list. Instead of blocking ads, it simply blocks the internet connection for specific apps. So, if you are playing a game and you get a lot of ads on it, open netguard, and block the app in the list. The app will not have an internet connection and thereby no ads.

  • Open source and easy to use
  • Works on nonrooted devices as well
  • Reduces data usage and increases privacy

1Adblock Browser for Android

Powered by Adblock Plus, this is a browser that has inbuilt ad blocking tools and is extremely reliable. You browse the internet faster, use fewer data and never see irritating advertisements again.

  • Native support for browsing ads
  • Protection from malware and enhances privacy
  • The keyboard sometimes doesn’t pop up in the browser.


Do you use any ad blocker app?

Is it on the list?

Share which apps do you use in the comments below.


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