About Us

NextGen APKS monitors all the latest consumer technology discoveries and shows you what is fresh, what matters and how technologies can enhance your life. We supply you with the advice, tools, and suggestions which can allow you to decide what to purchase and how to get the maximum from this technician in your life. With rigorous evaluation processes and systematic studies, NextGen APKS has gained the reputation of being the most honest title for reviews and previews through recent years. With the web edition, we wish to preserve the same standard across the board.

We are going to be providing our subscribers with a cornucopia of articles such as a world-class global policy that is pertinent to the Indian viewer, together with articles, testimonials, and characteristics that are made especially maintaining the Indian reader in mind. As time passes, we will also be tinkering with technology specialists throughout the nation to supply varied views (and a couple of rants) about the most recent developments in the technology world.

Our Mission

Our platform is the comprehensive, reliable source for early adopters and pros that are enthusiastic about technology. We produce detailed product reviews, expert technical evaluation and how-to guides, and the most recent information, peppered with exceptional insight.

NextGen APKS plays host to the world’s largest community of specialists and fans, who supply their top insights and answer questions throughout the forums.

What makes us unique?

We are somewhat different from many other APK review websites because every one of our product groupings is exhibited within an easy-to-follow format. While we might have researched dozens of products in a class, we will only show one of the very best choices because who has the time to wade through hundreds of products within a market? Our testimonials are an ideal mix of product diversity, specialist analysis, and business data so that you may discover the perfect product for you.

We are serious about editorial ethics. So much so, we keep our sales staff and reviewers in individual buildings — in various countries and in different time zones. After our reviews are published and complete, our sales team elicits multiple ways of generating revenue. This might consist of sponsorships, direct generation or affiliate connections.

We’re all about assisting you to discover the solution or service which is suitable for you. We exist to create your multiple purchasing choices easier. Should you ever have any particular questions regarding the testimonials on our website, please contact us on Facebook or Twitter.